Suitable for nearly all Wunderlich side stand enlargement plates with corresponding drill holes.

The Spike-Kit for the side stand plate is as simple as it is useful.

If you already have a Wunderlich Side Stand Enlargement plate**, simply remove the original screws and replace them with these longer (Torx) screws.

If you are installing a new side stand enlargement plate, use the screws from this kit instead of those supplied with the side stand enlargement plate.

In either case; Attach the spikes to the protruding screws beneath. The spikes not only dig in to the ground for added support, the bike also stand a bit more upright because of the additional height of the spikes.

** Tip: If you followed our instructions and put thread locking fluid on your original screws, then they may be difficult to remove. Before rounding out the head of the screws and making this a more difficult task than it needs to be, heat the side stand plate and in particular, the screws using for example a heat gun or small propane torch. This will melt and soften the thread locking fluid so that you can remove the screws.

Don't forget to apply thread locking fluid to these screws and studs so that the don't come loose and fall off. Have a look at the video! Click on the HD Video tab above.

The set includes three spikes and three stainless steel Torx Screws.


Fits the following models:

F650GS 1999-2008

F650GS Dakar








R1200GS 2004-2018

R1200GSA 2005-2018

R1200R 2006-2019

R1200RT 2005-2018






R nineT 2014-2016

Spike Set for Side Stand Enlargement

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