Replacements for models with heated grips.

With these replacement grips, it's possible to restore your bike's appearance and comfort. Over time, the rubber wears out and the gripping qualities are reduced. Instead of replacing the entire expensive grip assembly, if you are careful, you will be able to simply replace the grip rubber and save a substantial amount of money.

Installation tips:

  • Remove bar end weights and or throttle lock
  • With a sharp razor blade, utility knife etc. very carefully cut along the length of the grips. Be careful not to cut too deeply or you may damage the heating element. Slice just a little at a time until you can tear the grip rubber apart.
  • Peel off the old grip rubbers
  • Remove as much of the remnants of grip rubber (if present) as you can to make the surface as smooth and clean as possible
  • Install the new grips **
  • Reinstall bar end weights and ensure that they are tight. Thread locking fluid is recommended on the bar end weight bolts and it may be necessary to re-adjust your throttle lock if you have one.

** When installing the grip rubbers, you will need to use something that will act as a lubricant for installation and an adhesive thereafter. Some ideas are a universal spray adhesive or rubber glue and some brands of hair spray have been known to work very well. Whatever agent is used, apply to the inside of the grip and the heating element, then quickly slide the grip on and twist and position it as needed immediately before the lubricant dries.

These grips are original equipment quality and a direct replacement for the original BMW part. Installation requires extreme caution to avoid damaging the heating elements. We cannot be held responsible if your heating elements are damaged during installation.

This version of ("spiral") grips were introduced on K75 and K100 models and carried on through the R1100 and R1150 series R bikes as well as the K1100 and K1200 models up to 2005. These grips can also be installed on later models, as they are considered by some to be the most comfortable and long wearing grips ever used by BMW.

These grips have an inside diameter of 24mm and they are 130mm long with an open end.

Please Note: These grips are only suitable for models with heated grips!

BMW Spiral Grip Set

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